Top 3 Reasons to Gain Cisco CCIE Collaboration Certification to Be Competitive in IT Market

Do you want to be recognized as a leader in managing Collaboration technologies and differ from other professionals? Obtaining an international certification will help you validate your skills and demonstrate to employers that you can be a valuable partner for their company. Having skills validated by top trainers and experts, the 200-901 DEVASC accreditation can help you become an expert on the core collaboration technologies and be competitive in the IT market. This certificate can be obtained after taking a qualifying exam, coded 350-801 CLCOR, and a lab exam, known as the CCIE Collaboration v3.0.

In this article, you will learn more about the amazing reasons why you should become certified.

  1. Benefit from the validation of an international vendor

It’s important to mention that the 300-410 ENARSI  is provided by a vendor with an international reputation. Cisco offers a variety of certifications that help examinees upgrade their skills on different topics and advance in their careers. It is also known to work with top experts in IT and international trainers who help candidates develop new skills. Therefore, once you add the CCIE Collaboration accreditation under your belt you will be recognized as a technical expert who knows how to proficiently use the collaboration tools in an enterprise context.

  • Opportunity for a higher salary and increased visibility

An international certification like 300-415 ENSDWI will considerably increase your chances to receive a more generous salary offer than the average. According to, the average salary for a certified expert is $130,067. Also, the top earners who have obtained this certification, can get an annual payment of $179,500. Therefore, it’s easy to conclude that if you are ambitious in your certification process and accumulate additional practical experience in Collaboration Core Technologies, you can reach the top salary level. In addition, you are allowed to showcase the Cisco CCIE Collaboration logo on your social media profile and resume. This is an amazing opportunity that will attract top employers’ attention.

  • Validation of practical skills to manage Core Collaboration Technologies

The CCIE Collaboration certification offers you the opportunity to get a solid grasp on implementing and managing core collaboration technologies. Therefore, once you enter the training process for this accreditation, you will learn about infrastructure and design or how to manage protocols, endpoints, and codecs. In addition, this certification allows you to expand your knowledge of 300-420 ENSLD and different media resources, QoS, collaboration apps, and Call Control components.


Earning the CCIE Collaboration certification is an important milestone in your career. Once you add it to your resume, it’s clear to hiring managers that you are a professional who knows how to complete the given tasks in a timely manner. Besides, this certificate is a valid proof that you possess relevant skills and knowledge on managing 200-301 CCNA Training Course and you are a professional partner. Even though the certification journey might seem complicated, keeping the benefits in mind will help you reach your goal. Good luck!