The 30 Most Popular Haircuts For Men

If you can’t keep up with the times, your hairstyle might quickly become outdated.

Our friends at Hairstylism created an infographic to illustrate the top men’s hairstyles – and what separates one from another. It seems close-cropped haircuts are still the norm these days, but longer hair is quickly coming into vogue.

Whether it’s the undercut or the Pompadour, one of these 30┬ácuts is sure to fit your hair and tickle your fancy.

Whatever your preferred style, just be sure to get a haircut that fits your face shape.

Popular Men’s Hairstyles

2016 Men's Hairstyles for Men

Brad Pitt Long Hair

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Haircuts Short Men Hairstyle 2016

Hairstyles for Men with Thick Hair

Male Celebrity Hairstyles 2016 Men

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Mens Popular Haircuts

Mens Popular Hairstyle

Most Popular Hairstyles Men 2016

Most Popular Hairstyles Men

Most Popular Men Hairstyles

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Popular Haircuts for Men 2016

popular hairstyles for men 2016

popular hairstyles for men

popular hairstyles men 2016

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Popular Mens Hairstyles

Popular Men's Hairstyles


The Most Popular Men Hairstyles

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