30 Classy Taper Fade Cuts for Men

An important aspect of almost every men’s haircut is a properly done taper. What is a taper? Basically a taper is a gradual trim which results in decreased hair length around the ears and back of your hair, this hair is also usually blended to make for a smooth haircut. Here are some hairstyles showcasing different types of tapers.

Men’s Taper Hairstyles

classic men's tapered haircut

Classic Taper Haircut

Colton Haynes Tapered Haircut...

Colton Haynes Tapered Haircut

Fro with Taper Fade Haircut Black Men

Introducing The Taper Fade

Long Taper Haircut Men

Low Taper Fade Haircut

Men's Hair The Taper

Mens Taper Cuts on Pinterest

Men's Tapered Haircut

Mens Tapered Haircuts


Short Classic Taper Haircut for Men

Short Tapered Haircuts Men

Taper Fade Haircut For Men

Taper Fade Haircut Men

Taper Haircut for Men with Long Hair

Taper Haircut Pictures for Men...

Taper Haircut Pictures for Men

The Classic Taper Haircut.....

The Classic Taper Haircut..

The Classic Taper Haircut

This is a classic men's tapered haircut

This is an aggressively tight taper

Thousands of ideas about Taper

Tight Taper Haircuts for Men.........

Tight Taper Haircuts for Men...

Tight Taper Haircuts for Men

Undercut Haircut Men Fade Tapers