30 Awesome Hairstyles For Balding Men

A receding hairline is a good thing when you are too busy to fuss over a good hairstyle. Just a head-hugging crew cut and you are done. These pictures are a collection of hairstyles for balding men that have a style quotient that is unmistakable. The styles are traditional as well as modern.

In some cases, the receding hairline has been compensated by a stylish beard and/or moustache. These hairstyles will give you an idea of how sexy and cool a crew cut can be for a balding man.

Baldness is something to be proud of when you are a man. Young or old, a bald patch can be made to look very stylish and chic with a minute crew cut and a very short trim. Whether straight or wavy, it won’t matter what kind of hair you have. These are some hairstyles for balding men that speak of style. They are also so short that they barely need any grooming once the hair has been trimmed. A bald patch can turn into a stylish and chic hairstyle with these ideas.

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