20 Men’s Bangs Hairstyles Ideas 2016

This style has incredible forward movement which means you must communicate with your stylist about creating texture in the hair. Whenever you have a style that has a longer bang, you have to be careful of weight and bulk in the bangs. If the bangs are too heavy, the hair will hang on your forehead, potentially creating a bowl-like style. Have your stylist break up the bulk of a long bang with a straightedge razor or texturizing shears.
This will create dimension and movement, allowing the bangs to swing off to the side. If you have stick-straight hair, you can achieve this look, but may take the use of a blow dryer to get the bang moving in the direction you’d like. Polish off this look with a light hold matte hair paste. I recommend matte because the focus is on the bang and applying a product with too much shine in it may appear to make your hair look greasy.

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